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Important Dates of

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Conference For Jan Month
19th Jan

International Conference

Second International Conference on Data Management, Analytics and Innovation (ICDMAI ? 2018) solic

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Venue : Pune, Maharashtra, India

19th Jan

(EI&SCOPUS) 2nd International Symposium on Material Science and Engineering (2nd ISMSE 2018)

The 2nd International Symposium on Material Science and Engineering is the premier symposium for the

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Venue : Seoul, Seoul, Korea (south)

19th Jan

International Symposium on Advanced Materials and Application (ISAMA 2018)

ISAMA 2018 conference will bring together leaders from industry and academia to exchange and share t

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Venue : Seoul, Seoul, Korea (south)

23rd Jan

International Conference on Sustainable Technologies in Building & Environment

Buildings, infrastructure and environment are linked together and consumes enormous amount of energy, materials, water and land during their construction and operation. And the challenge in recent years remains in the reduction of social, economical and environmental impacts of these built structures while exploring the options of sustainability. Sustainability evolves continuously with a highly permeable boundary in pluralistic manner and is strongly rooted in forward backward linkages retaining the spirit of time. Sustainable construction is a way forward towards achieving sustainable development, taking into account environmental, socio-economic and cultural factors focusing on issues such as design and management of buildings, materials and building performance, energy and resource consumption. The main objectives of sustainable construction are to reduce or avoid depletion of critical resources like energy, water, and raw materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure; and create built environments that are livable, comfortable, safe, and productive. Thus Sustainable construction is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment by adopting the principles of ecology and efficient management of natural resources. Also, sustainability does not restrict only to new constructions but can be encouraged in retrofitting of existing buildings. Therefore, 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Technologies in Buildings and Environment (ICSTBE) focuses on planning, designing, building and operating sustainable buildings and infrastructure to maximize their lifecycle economic value, their net contribution to environmental functions and services, and their social equity.

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Venue : Chennai, Tamilnadu,

24th Jan

Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences

Organized by Higher Education Forum (HEF), Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering and App

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Venue : Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

25th Jan

AOMatSens 2018 - Special Session in Advanced Optical Materials, Sensors and Devices (ins)

The AOMatSens special session addresses topics related with advances in optical materials sensors an

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Venue : Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, United States of America (USA)

27th Jan

7th International Conference on Signal & Image Processing (SIP 2018)

7th International Conference on Signal & Image Processing (SIP 2018) will provide an excellent i

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Venue : Dubai, dubai, United Arab Emirates

27th Jan

5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Applications (ARIA 2018)

5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Applications (ARIA 2018) will provide

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Venue : Dubai, Asia, United Arab Emirates

Conference For Feb Month
07th Feb

Fourth International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems (ICEES-2018)

ICEES 2018 is the platform to gain and share the knowledge in the new technological developments in

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Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

09th Feb

International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering And Management(PECTEAM 2K18)

The conference is expected to create a center of attraction for skilled professionals to interact an

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Venue : CHENNAI, tamil nadu, India